We all do indeed have a story, not the kind you would tell your kids/ grand kids one day. But the story that lives in special place in your mind. The story that makes you who you are and that really only you can understand and have the power to change.

My blog is to illustrate the thoughts in my mind, the way I see the world through my camera lens.

I am a creative soul, actually we all are. It is just expressed differently. I am a photographer, I am a writer, I am a baker, I am an entrepreneur, I am whoever I decide I can be. And so are you.

I did try to change my story once but that was a silly thing to do. I like my story, My story is different yet so similarly to others at the same time, It is Bold yet subtle and Beautiful yet ugly in it’s truth.

The words of my mind & the camera in my hand are my creative tools. I am inspired by what inspires you as I see you through my looking glass.

The words of my mind and the camera in my hand are my creative tools.